St Louis Cardinal tickets
Cards Tix
Roscoville address:
St Louis Cardinals, Busch Stadium,
Sec 452, Row 1, Seats 12, 13, 14, 15
Residents: Bob, Andy, & David Roscoe

Need seats? tix@

Benefits: behind homeplate, first row of the upper deck, division champs. Under the overhang and extra leg room. No one in front and no one to the right. No handling, shipping, nor convenience fees!

Ticket Schedule
We've got 4 seats.

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send a blank email to -

See our Facebook page for photos and fun.
The photo above was shot by Steve Wark from our seats.


Bobbleheads and other promos for sale. Don't need shipping - take $5 off.

Budweiser Song
Bud Song
The Budweiser Song
is sung immediately following the 7th Inning, please join in.

It's the song that the Clysdales march to and to which we love to clap along. It's titled Here Comes the King and it's got words!

Here Comes the King
Lyrics, music, ringtones, banners, everything!

Join the movement!

The Story:
There's a spot on the Anheuser-Busch Brewery tour where you ride a trolley. It was playing the song and I thought to myself, "man, I love the Cardinals. Wait, I'm not at the Cardinals!" This song and the clysdales have become so intertwined with our love of the Cardinals, the beer, and St Louis.

We've made banners and now we lead Section 452 in our tribute. Let's celebrate!



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easy to see lyrics

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Next is the Asia Qualifier: Jan 12, 2016.


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