Roscoville : Bud Song

Here Comes the King
The Budweiser Song

Here comes the King, here comes the big Number One!
Budweiser beer, the king is second to none.
Just say Budweiser,
You've said it all.
Here comes the King of Beers so lift your glass let's hear the call.

Budweiser beer's the one that's leading the rest,
And beechwood aging makes it beer at its best.
One taste 'll tell you,
So loud and clear.
There's only one Budweiser beer
(there's only one Budweiser beer)

When you say Bud there's nothing left you can say (when you say Bud).
When you say Bud, the King is right on his way (when you say Bud).
The King is coming,
Let's hear the call,
When you say Bud you've said it all
Ya da da da da da da da da da da

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